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About Spero

Welcome! My name is Melinda and I am the Founder here at Spero. I am passionate about and look forward to sharing my love for Pilates, Skin Care, and Well-Being with you!

I am a born and raised Wisconsinite, originally from Sheboygan, and currently residing in Hartford Wisconsin. I have always dreamt of having my own small business and when Covid hit, just like many others, I decided to leave the corporate world to make that dream a reality. While I was uncertain of what my business would look like, my husband was a huge supporter of this journey and encouraged me to build my business around what I was most passionate about. I have loved all things health and beauty since I can remember. My interest in esthetics stemmed from not only my enthusiasm for the beauty industry, but also my childhood struggles with embarrassing skin issues.
Later on, through my constant battle with weight loss and weight gain, Pilates and Health Coaching became a passion that greatly improved my lifestyle and well-being.




Finding success with these practices in my own my life, I had the desire to bring all three together in hopes of being able to share my passion with others. With this aspiration, Spero was born. The name Spero comes from the Latin phrase 'Dum Spiro Spero" meaning, "While I Breathe, I Hope". I truly hope that those struggling with weight issues, skin problems, or seeking a healthier lifestyle, find Spero as a place of healing. I believe to be happy and healthy inside and out, we need to feed our bodies, minds, and souls with what makes us thrive and grow. Surrounding ones self with a positive and loving environment, proper nutrition, self care, and physical fitness are all important components of well-being and can be found here at Spero. 

Spero's Mission 

I created Spero to provide a supportive environment that fosters personal growth, inspiration, and hope to people of all walks of life. I hope my services bring joy, confidence, strength, and empowerment to those who have been longing for a better way. I hope that Spero is a place not only filled with laughter, but also a shoulder to cry on, a place to rebuild, to take a breath and start over. A place for every single person no matter their abilities, their struggles, their mindset, their past or their present. I hope to make Spero a place that I once needed so badly, but never found until now. And I hope to have the honor of being an influential part of each and every one of your journeys to a happier, healthier you! 

Veterans and active military as well as members of the Police Department and Fire Department are near and dear to my heart so will ALWAYS receive 15% off services with valid identification.  

People Love Spero

I see Melinda for both Health Coaching and Skincare services.

Melinda’s kind heart and warm smile will put new clients at ease immediately. Not only are her facials fantastic and incredibly relaxing, but I really appreciate all that she teaches me about living a healthier life (inside and out) without counting calories. Melinda has helped me to identify the obstacles and roots of my past unhealthy relationship with food and supports me as I learn to daily overcome those hurdles.  She challenges me to achieve a greater balance in my life and she holds me accountable for my overall health and wellness. I am feeling less physical pain and am far more energetic and active than I was a month ago when I started working with Melinda. Because I fully trust Melinda to guide me in the right direction with both my health and my skin care, I look forward to also becoming a pilates client of hers as well! I highly recommend Melinda’s unique approach to health coaching and her transforming skincare practices! . 

-Debbie,  Wife, Mother, Teacher, Cedarburg, WI

Melinda has been a great source of knowledge and inspiration since I started taking Pilates classes with her. Her creativity and expertise allows her to put together moves that work the best for my body and abilities while still challenging me. You can tell that she genuinely cares about her clients as she takes the time to understand my capabilities and adjusts the moves to meet my needs. Nothing is cookie cutter! 

- Rosanne G, Retired, Grandmother, Hartford, WI

I’m a woman in her mid-40’s whose skin is starting to show its age. It’s essential that I have the right person and products to help me feel and look good.  I never took the time or spent the money to take professional care of my skin and felt that my daily home routine would be okay. But now that I’ve been seeing Melinda for facials, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin! Her deep knowledge has allowed for services and recommendations that are specific to my skin. I always walk out with a natural glow, and amazing healthy looking (and feeling) skin. It’s definitely been worth my time and money to take care of myself by seeing a professional esthetician like Melinda. Besides the amazing benefit my skin gets, my confidence gets a boost too! I would highly recommend seeing Melinda to elevate and enhance your skin care routine. I live in the Milwaukee area but am willing to make the drive so Melinda can take care of me.

- Gina V.  Corporate Gift Office, Milwaukee, WI

I have taken Pilates mat and now reformer with Melinda for several months.  I LOVE what it has done for my body.  Both classes work my muscles in entirely different ways than my gym workouts.  It has improved my flexibility and posture as well as stretched and toned my muscles.  I am leaner, and I actually think I am taller! Melinda’s 1:1 guidance was key for me to ensure I have the proper and safest form while working out.  She really understands movement and form and is quick to help me correct anything out of alignment.  The best part, (besides being leaner ) is that it is fun!  I am working hard and a sweaty mess when I am done, but it doesn’t feel like a workout.  I highly recommend Melinda’s Pilates sessions! 

-Lynette V, Professional, Mother, West Bend, WI

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