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Looking Great is Secondary

Why Health Coaching?

Healthy habits and diets are not one size fits all. Nowadays, society has casted this new idea on well being and “dieting”. Everyone tries paleo, or keto, or vegan because they believe that is what is best for their bodies. However, these fad diets and weight-loss programs fail to address your unique body needs. Health coaching is about finding everybody’s specific needs. Our personal formulas are better known as Bio-individually. Finding your own formula is the key to a healthy lifestyle and a happier, healthier YOU! This is the point of my ‘Mind Over Matter’ program.

Spero’s ‘Mind Over Matter’ Program 

The definition of Mind Over Matter is “the use of willpower to overcome a physical problem.” Most of us have experienced a lack of willpower countless times throughout our lives. Some may find it easy to get back on track, however others find it challenging due to a magnitude of reasons. I personally have experienced a countless amount of disheartening roadblocks that sadly, crushed my willpower and hindered my ability to sustain a healthy lifestyle. That continuous feeling of defeat is exactly why I created Spero’s ‘Mind Over Matter’ Program. 

This program is nothing fancy or complex, rather a supportive, encouraging journey to uncovering the foods and habits that work best for YOUR body and your bio-individuality, while not having to do it alone!

Spero Health Coaching Services 

Mind Over Matter Group 

3 Month Program - $600

6 Month Program - $900


Group Health Coaching sessions are made up of like minded individuals committed to improving their health and habits. In this program, you will be immersed in real life situations to give you experience and practice using the tools that will benefit you for years to come. You will also receive peer support, social interactions, education, fun, and the safest way to a healthier lifestyle resulting in a more confident, happier you!  


What's included: 

  • 2 in person meetings a month

  • The use of an accountability app while in the program

  • Mind Over Matter Binder

  • Educational tools/videos/articles to improve the understanding of concepts that you will be able to use for years to come

  • A supportive, caring, fun and social environment to enhance your success with lifestyle changes

  • And so much more! 

To see if this program is right for you, book your consultation now! 


Veterans and active military as well as law enforcement and firefighters are near and dear to my heart so will ALWAYS receive 15% off services with valid identification.  

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