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Red Carpet Event

Your life is a very special event!
Become a Luminary!

Why Become a Luminary?

Spero Luminaries experience the following benefits and so much more! 

Save on your monthly investment

Enjoy 15% off all additional and add on services

(includes Health Coaching and some Pilates services) 

Enjoy 15% off products

Free use of rental home care equipment

Free shipping

Priority scheduling

Invites to special events and promotions

Visits to the Spero Vault

How to Become a Luminary

Becoming a Luminary is easy!

Step 1: Choose one of three customized facials:

Clear and Refresh

Pamper and Glow (Or the Gun Metal facial for men)

Synergy Healthy Again

Step 2: Enroll in our monthly membership

Step 3: Start receiving all the benefits listed above!

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